Onam - Festival of Kerala

Onam is one of the most famous festivals in Kerala, celebrated in the malayalam month "chingam", usually comes in August or September(This year Thiru Onam is on 27th August).

Onam is celebrated in the memory of a Golden era when the King Mahabali ruled kerala(Mythical). It believes that during the reign of Mahabali people of Kerala were lived with happiness and prosperity. Every people were considered as equal. No robbery, nobody says lie, no poverty and diseases..... Every people were happy under his rule.

It believes Maveli(Mahabali) will come to visit the people of Kerala every year on The "Thiru Onam" day.

Onam celebrations will start from "atham" day of "Chingam" month(Malayalam month) and lasts 10 days. From Atham to Thiru Onam everyday morning every houses will prepare a "Pookalam"(A beautiful arrangenment of flowers) in the courtyard in front of the house.

Thiru onam day is the important day of Onam celebrations. People will wear new dresses, prepare Onam Sadhya(A Feast including more than 10 delicious of Kerala) to welcome Mahabali and enjoy several special Onam games throughout the day.

Several cultural programs would be conducted all over in Kerala during the Onam days. Visit keralatourism.org

Kerala tourism department also conducting several cultural programs throughout onam days.

Onam Sadhya


Happy Onam to all........

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Red rain again in Kerala

Red coloured rain in Kozhikode district of Kerala yesterday surprised the residents.

A few people had collected the water. The Centre for earth science studies(CESS) and the centre for water resources development and mangement(CWDRM) are collecting the samples for tests. Yet to wait for the analysis results.

This is the second time Red rainfall occurring in Kerala. Last time it happened in Kottayam district of Kerala in 2001.

Read more about Red rain in wikipedia.org

Nokia Batteries blasts!!!

If you are a Nokia cell phone user please check your Battery...

A few cases reported that Nokia mobile phone battery exploded while charging. The official source of Nokia also admitted that the Battery model BL-5C manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co. Ltd. of Japan has the potential risk of "dislodging" because of the overheat produced by the short circuit while charging.

Nokia has several suppliers for BL-5C batteries that have collectively produced more than 300 million batteries. Nokia says that the problem is with the BL-5C batteries manufactured by Matsushita between December 2005 to November 2006. Nokia and Matsushita now offering a free replacement of BL-5C batteries.

BL-5C Batteries are using with the following models of Nokia mobile phones.

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If your battery is BL-5C then remove your battery and check for the 26 digit identification number on the back side of the battery. Go to the Nokia Site and submit your 26 digit identification number of your BL-5C Battery there....
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Note: Nokia will not replace all the BL-5C Batteries. Batteries manufactured by Matsushita between December 2005 and November 2006 only...

Thekkady - Kerala tourist place

Thekkady is an important tourist place of kerala located at an altitude of 900 to 1800 meters above sea level.
Main tourist attractions of Thekkady are Periyar National Park, Thekkady Lake, Boating, The evergreen forests, Wild animals etc.
Periyar wildlife sanctuary is very dense evergreen forest spread 777 squire kms area declared as Tiger reserve in 1978.
Periyar wildlife sanctuary is famous for its evergreen forests, savannah grass lands and wild animals elephants, sambar, gaur, Nilgiri langurs, tigers, wild boars, lion tailed macaques....
The sanctuary is situated around an artificial lake formed by Mullaperiyar Dam accross the Periyar River.
The herds of elephants playing in Lake is a wonderful sight while boating through the Periyar lake.
Thekkady is also known for plantations of various natural spices like black pepper,clove,cardamom,cinnamon,chilly,tamarind etc.

Forest department,Kerala tourism development corporation(KTDC) and many private agencies offers many programs to promote adventure tourism in Thekkady.

Nearest railway station: Kottayam (114 km)

Nearest airport : Madhurai (140 km), Kochi(180 km)

See the pictures of Thekkady below...

India celebrating its 60th anniversary of Independence today(August 15)

Happy independence day for all Indians...

Today india is celebrating its 60th anniversary of independence from British rule.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh raised India's flag at the historical Red Fort, Delhi. While addressing the crowd he conveyed his greetings to all people of the nation celebrating independence day.

Locally, people are celebrating Independence Day in different ways.....flag hoisting took place at all govt. offices, at colony, clubs, schools, colleges etc.
People are also carrying the tricolor Flag on their vehicles...cars, bikes, Trucks, Buses, cycles....
Indian flags placed in vehicles, offices, houses...... sweet distribution, Procession carrying flags and baloons....
You can see some pictures of Independence day celebrations of one village school in Kerala...

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