Ottamthullal - an art form of Kerala, struggling to survive

The art form created by the great poet Kunjan nambiar 400 years ago, now dying a slow death. Nowadays it is very rare to see an ottamthullal performance in Kerala and the sad thing is, a very few people even know about this art form.

Despite all, Kalacharya P S Maraar and his son Balakrishna marar keeping this art form alive by performing various stage shows. Father and son striving to rescue this art form, hopes a new life for this art form.

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Ottamthullal is a performing art of Kerala. The great malayalam poet Kunjan Nambiar created Ottamthullal as an alternative of Chakyar koothu (performing art of Kerala) and is known as poor man's Kathakali.

Ottam thullal is replete with humour, sarcasm and social criticism. The actor establishes powerful communication with spectators through verbal acting which is interspersed with humour and social references. Ottamthullal became popular because of its simplicity and it is easily understandable comparing to Kathakali for ordinary people. The stories from hindu epics are retold in simple malayalam poetry.

Ottamthullal is a solo performance. The performer will act and dance while singing thullal poems. Simple costumes similar to Kathakali and percussion instruments like Mizhav(a big drum made of copper) and cymbal are used.

Kerala kalamandalam, founded by the great poet vallathol narayana menon, intended to promote kerala arts offers course in Ottamthullal.

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Mohiniyattam is the classical dance form of Kerala, performed by women. Literarily, Mohiniyattam means the dance of enchantress. The slow, soft and graceful movements, expressions, the traditional costumes etc. of this classical dance, really enchants the spectators.

Mohiniyattam has the influences and elements from other dance forms like koothu, koodiyattam, Bharatanatyam, Kathakali etc.

In Mohiniyattam, more importance is given for gestural and facial expressions. The hand gestures used are almost same as in Kathakali.

The costumes used by Mohiniyattam artists are cream or off-white colour sari with golden borders, Gold ornaments and a traditonal hairstyle includes white colour floweres.

The song of mohiniyattam are based on carnatic music and the language used is Manipravalam (a mix of Malayalam and Sanskrit). Instruments used are veena, flute, maddalam, edakka etc.

Watch the video of famous Malayalam film actress Divya unni's Mohiniyattam performance.....

Happy Eid-ul-fitr

After the end of one month long Ramzan fasting, Purity, freshness and the power gathered by the 30 days old fasting of holiness and tolerance, Muslims all over in Kerala are celebrating Eid-ul-fitr.

Yesterday was a busy day for all muslims, preparing for the Eid-ul-fitr.

Muslims assembled in Eid gahs and mosques in the early morning for prayer meeting all over in Kerala. Celebrations of Eid-ul-fitr will be there throughout the day.

Happy Eid-ul-fitr to all...


Nelliyampathy is an amazing hill station on the western ghats mountain ranges in Palakkad district of Kerala, 60km from Palakkad town, is one of the best places for ecotourism in Kerala. The green lush forests covering the whole hill area, coffee, tea, cardamom, vegetable and orange plantations, water falls and the misty and cool climate of Nelliyampathi offering a delightful vacation for the tourists.

Nelliyampathy is situated at a height of 467 m to 1572 m above sea level. Journey to Nelliyampathy itself thrilling. There are about ten hairpin curves on the way. The road is narrow and it is recommended that one who drives the vehicle should be experienced to drive in such roads.

Pothundi Dam is one important picnic spot near, in a distance of 21 km away from Nelliyampathy. Pothundi Dam is an irrigation Dam. The speciality of this Dam is that, it is built without cement or concrete. A mixture of jaggery and quick lime is used in place of cement to construct this dam. This Dam, built in late 1800 AD is a real wonder for the new technology. Boat services are there in the reservoir of Pothundy Dam. The sight of Nelliyampathi mountains from here is quite spectacular.

Seetharkundu is one important spot of attraction in Nelliyampathy. There is a waterfall about 100m in height. It offers a fantastic sight of the valley below. We can see one-third of the entire Palakkad area from here.

Nelliyampathy is the paradise for nature lovers and trekkers. Several species of birds and animals including some rare species are found here. The tea plantation and coffee plantations of Nelliyampathy are famous.

Nearest town Nenmara is about 30km away from here. Thrissur town is 48 km away from Nenmara.


Malampuzha is one of the important tourist places in Kerala, located in Palakkad district just 12kms away from Palakkad town. Malampuzha is situated on the lower hills of Western ghats. Major tourist attractions are Malampuzha Garden, Malampuzha Dam, Fresh water aquarium, Children park, Snake park, Telescopic tower, Rock garden,Passenger ropeway etc.

Malampuzha Mini Hydro electric project built across Malampuzha river (A branch of Bharathapuzha River) is also the biggest irrigation project in Kerala with a large network of canal systems. Malampuzha Dam reservoir is ideal for boating and fishing. Rowboats, Pedalboats, water scooters and motorboats are available here.
Malampuzha Dam
Main attraction of malampuzha is the lush green garden near the Dam. Well laid out flower beds, pools, fountains, fresh water aquarium and the childern park with a toy train here gives extreme pleasure for the visitors. There is a road train for amusement ride on wheels and the
Telescope tower in the garden providing a terrestrial view upto 40 miles.
Malampuzha Garden

The Passenger ropeway, the first of its kind in South India, offers a delightful air journey of 20 minutes across the gardens, giving an amazing view of the garden and Dam. The ropway equipped with 64 chairs, each can carry 2 persons and it is specially designed for the safe ride of the passengers.

Passenger Ropeway

Another tourist attraction in the garden is the Sculpture of "Yakshi" created by the renowned sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman. The first rock garden of South India, sculpted by the famous Padmashree Nek Chand Saini of Chandigarh is also at Malampuzha. The most interesting feature in the making of this garden is that, the whole place is made of unwanted things like broken pieces of bangles, tiles, used plastic cans, tins and other waste materials.

Sculpture of Yakshi

It is quite thrilling, crossing the river through the hanging bridge across the river, connecting two sides of the garden.

Hanging Bridge

The Snake Park located close to Malampuzha Bustand, Started in 1984, is a major attraction for tourists and Snake lovers. The park consists of several rare species of snakes like King cobra, Forsten Cat snake and Brown vine Snake. Other species of snakes in the park are Indian Rock Python, Trinket snake, Kraits, Monocled Cobra, Common Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, Rock pit Viper, Wolf snake and a variety of Vipers like Saw scaled viper, Humb nosed pit viper, Rock pit Viper and Russel viper. Some varieties of water snakes, American Green Iguana (Only one in Kerala) and crocodiles are also housed here.

The first amusement park of Kerala, named FANTASY PARK is at Malampuzha. Established in an 8 acre site on the main road and very close to the Malampuzha Gardens.

Nearest railway station is Palakkad and Airport near is Coimbatore Airport about 55km away.

Earthquake in Kerala

Mild earthquake in Shoranur, Desamangalam, Thalassery, Varavoor, Tirumittakode, Arangottukara, Pattambi, Vavanoor, Koottanad, Peringode and chalissery in Palakkad and Thrissur districts of Kerala, today early morning.
Vibrations lasts 5-7 seconds along with loud noise frightened the residents. No serious damages are reported yet. A few houses in this area has crack on the walls. Magnitude of the earthquake was 2.4 on the Richer scale.
Again one tremor occured at 10 am. The reports are yet to come. Last earthquake in this area was 7 months before. Meteorological department sources said that, there are chances of major earthquakes in this area.

Gandhi Jayanthi - October 2

Gandhi jayanthi - Birthday of Great Mahatma gandhi, the father of our nation is celebrated every year on October 2.

October 2 is national holyday in India. Prayer meetings and other programs will be held all over India. In Kerala, Chief Minister V.S. Achuthananthan will inaugurate the one week long Gandhi jayanthi celebrations.

United Nations General assembly announced on 15-06-2007, that it adopted a resolution which declared that October 2 will be celebrated as The International Day of Non-violence.

Athirappilly and Vazhachal water falls

Athirappilly and Vazhachal are popular tourist places of Kerala, located in Thrissur District.

Athirappilly water falls, approximately 80 feet in hight, situated in Chalakkudy river, originates from the Western ghats mountain ranges. Vazhachal water falls is just 5km from Athirappilly.

Athirappally and vazhachal are the most famous water falls in Kerala. The surrounding thick green Sholayar forest adding beauty to this tourist place. Sholayar forest is home to many endangered species of flora and fauna.
Many Indian film makers chose Athirappilly as their location because of the scenic beauty of this place.
Millions of tourists are visiting this beautiful tourist place yearly.
The amusement parks, Dream World Water Park and Silverstorm water theme park are just a few kilometers away.

Nearest railway station is Chalakkudy(35km) and Kochi International Airport, Nedumbassery is 55km away.