Happy Eid-ul-fitr

After the end of one month long Ramzan fasting, Purity, freshness and the power gathered by the 30 days old fasting of holiness and tolerance, Muslims all over in Kerala are celebrating Eid-ul-fitr.

Yesterday was a busy day for all muslims, preparing for the Eid-ul-fitr.

Muslims assembled in Eid gahs and mosques in the early morning for prayer meeting all over in Kerala. Celebrations of Eid-ul-fitr will be there throughout the day.

Happy Eid-ul-fitr to all...


Haiku Poems said...

Its a nice looking blog and post too.

krish said...

yeah.. Happy Eid to you too... I was just reading about the specialties of Eid cuisine when I came across you blog... You too can check it out HERE