Malampuzha is one of the important tourist places in Kerala, located in Palakkad district just 12kms away from Palakkad town. Malampuzha is situated on the lower hills of Western ghats. Major tourist attractions are Malampuzha Garden, Malampuzha Dam, Fresh water aquarium, Children park, Snake park, Telescopic tower, Rock garden,Passenger ropeway etc.

Malampuzha Mini Hydro electric project built across Malampuzha river (A branch of Bharathapuzha River) is also the biggest irrigation project in Kerala with a large network of canal systems. Malampuzha Dam reservoir is ideal for boating and fishing. Rowboats, Pedalboats, water scooters and motorboats are available here.
Malampuzha Dam
Main attraction of malampuzha is the lush green garden near the Dam. Well laid out flower beds, pools, fountains, fresh water aquarium and the childern park with a toy train here gives extreme pleasure for the visitors. There is a road train for amusement ride on wheels and the
Telescope tower in the garden providing a terrestrial view upto 40 miles.
Malampuzha Garden

The Passenger ropeway, the first of its kind in South India, offers a delightful air journey of 20 minutes across the gardens, giving an amazing view of the garden and Dam. The ropway equipped with 64 chairs, each can carry 2 persons and it is specially designed for the safe ride of the passengers.

Passenger Ropeway

Another tourist attraction in the garden is the Sculpture of "Yakshi" created by the renowned sculptor Kanayi Kunhiraman. The first rock garden of South India, sculpted by the famous Padmashree Nek Chand Saini of Chandigarh is also at Malampuzha. The most interesting feature in the making of this garden is that, the whole place is made of unwanted things like broken pieces of bangles, tiles, used plastic cans, tins and other waste materials.

Sculpture of Yakshi

It is quite thrilling, crossing the river through the hanging bridge across the river, connecting two sides of the garden.

Hanging Bridge

The Snake Park located close to Malampuzha Bustand, Started in 1984, is a major attraction for tourists and Snake lovers. The park consists of several rare species of snakes like King cobra, Forsten Cat snake and Brown vine Snake. Other species of snakes in the park are Indian Rock Python, Trinket snake, Kraits, Monocled Cobra, Common Cobra, Spectacled Cobra, Rock pit Viper, Wolf snake and a variety of Vipers like Saw scaled viper, Humb nosed pit viper, Rock pit Viper and Russel viper. Some varieties of water snakes, American Green Iguana (Only one in Kerala) and crocodiles are also housed here.

The first amusement park of Kerala, named FANTASY PARK is at Malampuzha. Established in an 8 acre site on the main road and very close to the Malampuzha Gardens.

Nearest railway station is Palakkad and Airport near is Coimbatore Airport about 55km away.


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