Ottamthullal is a performing art of Kerala. The great malayalam poet Kunjan Nambiar created Ottamthullal as an alternative of Chakyar koothu (performing art of Kerala) and is known as poor man's Kathakali.

Ottam thullal is replete with humour, sarcasm and social criticism. The actor establishes powerful communication with spectators through verbal acting which is interspersed with humour and social references. Ottamthullal became popular because of its simplicity and it is easily understandable comparing to Kathakali for ordinary people. The stories from hindu epics are retold in simple malayalam poetry.

Ottamthullal is a solo performance. The performer will act and dance while singing thullal poems. Simple costumes similar to Kathakali and percussion instruments like Mizhav(a big drum made of copper) and cymbal are used.

Kerala kalamandalam, founded by the great poet vallathol narayana menon, intended to promote kerala arts offers course in Ottamthullal.

Watch the video clip of Ottam thullal.....

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